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The beginning of Blockchain financing Master bank, Blockchain Digital Asset Management platform
The bright future ahead of us Join the users of the Masterbank ecosystem to pioneer the future of the financial community

Our service

3 Key Features

  • Live your life with the S-Token

    S-TOKEN is a blockchain-based discount token that can be used at 3.2 million domestic and foreign neighborhood living facilities. It was also created to lead the normalization of the cultural and leisure industries depressed by COVID-19.

  • NFT Trading

    Users will enjoy a new experience of creating and trading files of NFT through MasterBank’s NFT service. Each time a transaction is made, the creator will receive royalties and The other user participate in trading NFT in Mastercash.

  • Trading indicator Service

    Users can make successful investments with MBBI(the Masterbank Bitcoin Index and MBEI (Masterbank Ethereum Index) which is based on significant data such as virtual asset holdings and fund movements in major exchanges. Users can pay for a subscription with Mastercash.

Our Product

New Masterbank APP

  • Trading Indicator Service

    Make more reasonable investments with Master Bank's index such as MBBI and MBEI.

  • Convenient UI

    Experience easier digital asset management with intuitive UI/UX.

  • Multi wallet

    Manage Various virtual assets in one app.

  • A Reasonable fee, Amazing speed

    Are you suffering from Excessive fees and slow speeds? Master Bank solved these problems with side-chain.

MASTER bank Economy

Token Economy

  • Analyst

    Analytical data of various tokens are provided to users (e.g., individual and institutional investors) through MASTER BANK, and information is evaluated by professional investor groups.

  • User

    Users make decisions on cryptocurrency investments based on information and evaluate them based on results.

  • Blockchain Company

    Purchase data from MASTER BANK and pay fees.


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